Uptown Girls Film Review Brittany Murphy Ray Schleine Dakota Fanning Deal Jesse Spencer Donald Faison Honest Linn

‘Uptown Girls’ Is More Than a Comedy About Rich White Girls

I’ve been holding onto the intention of actually sitting down and watching the film for nearly a decade now, and it seemed that 2021 was the year to finally do it.

The Darkest Hour Film Review Gary Oldman

Winston Churchill: A Light in ‘The Darkest Hour’

Award-winning director Joe Wright is back with another masterpiece. Much like his previous works, such as Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Atonement (2007), Darkest Hour functions as an absolutely brilliant film which ought to be seen and enjoyed for years to come. The film showcases the first five weeks of Winston Churchill’s appointment as British … Continue reading Winston Churchill: A Light in ‘The Darkest Hour’

Thor Ragnarok Film Review Chris Hemsworth Hulk Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner

Thor: Ragnarok Film Review

Forget the first two Thor instalments because Thor: Ragnarok just blew them out of the water. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slightly tense lately, as the MCU frantically tries to make ends meet before Infinity War begins in 2019. With so many loose ends and the tension left from Captain America: Civil War, comedy … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok Film Review

La La Land Film Review Ryan Gosling Emma Stone Pink Dress Ryan Gosling in suit and tie yellow

La La Land – Film Review

I’m not one to pay attention to the Golden Globes however it was absolutely impossible to stay ignorant about the explosion that the film La La Land seemed to have caused towards the end of 2016. Even for someone, who has ‘A Rock’ sprawled as my home address, to hear of such ludicrousy just automatically … Continue reading La La Land – Film Review

Paul Rudd Ant Man First Movie Review Film Marvel

Ant Man – Movie Review

Yes, I am back and with another Marvel Movie to boot! I know it’s a little late for this review considering that this came out … what two years ago now. However, I had just only recently gotten my hands on it; the morning after screening Dead Pool in fact. So just for the sole … Continue reading Ant Man – Movie Review