Thor: Ragnarok Film Review

Forget the first two Thor instalments because Thor: Ragnarok just blew them out of the water.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slightly tense lately, as the MCU frantically tries to make ends meet before Infinity War begins in 2019. With so many loose ends and the tension left from Captain America: Civil War, comedy was just what the fans needed and boy oh boy did Thor: Ragnarok sure deliver.

Thor: Ragnarok  takes place two years after the events of the second Avengers film, as it informs us of all that has happened to Thor and Hulk during their absence from Captain America: Civil War. To my distain, this third instalment began in its oh-so familiar manner — Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has a vision, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is revealed to be a trickster who faked his own death and a formidable foe enters the scene; Hela (Cate Blanchett). Nothing new. However, while retaining all of the core elements required for a typical Thor instalment, Marvel manages to completely revolutionise the franchise as they shake things up; breathing new life into it. So prepare to witness all your much beloved characters in a whole new light, as Thor receives a makeover, Loki learns to be compassionate and Hulk manages to have fun while conversing through use of his words rather than his fists.

Almost immediately after the film commences, Thor casually crosses paths with Doctor Strange, Hela makes her entrance and a gladiator match ensues between Hulk and Thor. From this absurd combination of events, my expectations were set incredibly low as I honestly thought that the franchise may have finally hit rock bottom and was just desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel just to deliver Thor’s final solo film. However, despite my initial skepticism about the entirety of this film, I was pleasantly surprised at how perfectly Marvel was able to execute this film without any element seeming awkward, forced or out of place.

I’m not going to lie, I did not have high hopes for this film’s attempt at comedy; assuming that Marvel would resort to cheap laughs and forced jokes. However that was not the case at all. While the tired jokes and gags that were made may not have been entirely hilarious on their own, there was a certain novelty about seeing Thor, Loki and Hulk being at the center of it all. It was refreshing to finally experience these characters as normal everyday human beings rather than their usual roles of being a god, an ice giant and the scientist-turned-superhero. I would confidently say that every single comedic attempt in this film was hilariously successful, from Thor’s sure-fire method of ensuring that Loki wasn’t just appearing in front of him as a hologram to Bruce Banner’s insecurity as to whether or not Thor preferred him over his furious green counterpart.

As an avid fan of all things Marvel, it was also almost heartwarming witnessing the little nods made; referencing past films. Especially when Loki was at long last vindicated as Thor finally tasted the strength of the all-mighty Hulk. While this film is an excellent final piece of the Thor trilogy, it is still flexible enough for viewers who have not yet experienced the first two film. The comedy and well-balanced storyline of Thor: Ragnarok is solid enough to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience; even as a solo film.

Whether you’re a fan or just in need of a laugh, Thor: Ragnarok will be right up your alley. From its quality comedy to its little heartfelt moments, Thor: Ragnarok truly does serve as an excellent final instalment to Marvel’s Thor franchise.

Now onto what I personally thought of the film. Forgive me, there will indeed be spoilers.

What really set this third film apart from the others was the fact that they completely revolutionised Thor’s character. Yes. Remove the strangely clueless personality, remove the long unnecessary hair and shorten that cape because all of those are vast improvements. An Oscar may be little too much but give the director – Taika Watiti – an award because he completely shook things up. Warn me if I’m overstepping things here but he SAVED Thor’s franchise because his solo films were insanely forgettable. Don’t believe me? I completely forgot that Loki had chopped Thor’s arm off and then proceeded to die. Of course that seems like a rather important factor but the films just blurred into one big monotonous mess and, don’t lie, you found it boring too.

I’m not done with Watiti. I instantly fell in love with the rock monster (I forget his name) from Thor: Ragnarok and I simply could not get enough of him. And who should be the incredibly hilarious voice actor? Taika Watiti. The man starred in the own film that he directed! And nobody even knew! The man is one big hilarious star and he needs to be behind more Marvel films because his comedic timing is simply genius. I’ll gladly say it again — give the man an award.

Parting words?

Happy Hulk is adorable because Hulk deserves happiness. Thor desperately needs a new love interest and I vote for the Valkerie Warrior. Loki’s love for Thor needs to be showcased more often because it is most heartwarming. And you need to get your butt to the cinemas because this film is definitely worth watching. Yes, it’s worth the money to purchase that ticket. (If it’s coming from me, you know it’s true)




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