Kingsman – The Secret Service [Film Review]

I haven’t had the energy to write these past couple of weeks; which would explain the lack of my promised Tom Holland post on LinnTellsAStory. However, all is well because even though I am currently stumbling through the day on a measly two hours of shuteye, my newfound love for the 2014 film : Kingsman just will not let me rest. To be honest, I’m slightly kicking myself for not having viewed this film sooner. It’s been out for two years! Of course, there was the whole past two years of examination madness but I feel like I’ve whipped out that excuse way too often; or at least more than I’d care to admit.


Of course, it’s a wonder that I didn’t touch it despite the fact that Colin Firth has both his name and face plastered all over this marvellous film. Truthfully, it pains me to admit this but I actually found myself more attracted to his little apprentice instead. I couldn’t help it, Taron Egerton just drew me in with his heavy accent and down-to-earth character. In fact, he was the main reason I decided to finally give this film a watch. After going to the movies to watch the new film, SING (I know! I actually went to the cinemas!), him acting as the voice of the adorable soulful gorilla just completely captivated me. Did you not hear him sing ‘I’m Still Standing’? I am fully aware that Elton John’s an amazing legend. And I love majority of his songs but I really do prefer Taron Egerton’s version of the song much better.

You’ve just felt the overwhelming urge to stop reading this altogether, haven’t you?

That aside, Kingsman is a film that can truly stand alongside legendary film series such as James Bond, Mission Impossible and maybe even Jason Bourne. I’m not saying that it shares the same genre because that would be the biggest laugh of the century. No. Kingsman is far from it all. Sure, all three action series feature some blood and most of the deaths involved could be considered a tad bit extreme. However, Kingsman takes this all to the next level in more ways than one. From the gruesome deaths, the swearing and, of course, the fantastic comedy it brings to the screen; this film claims the first place for all of these fundamental points. I actually found myself appreciating the explicit language throughout the entire film- what? I really did. But of course its usage was fairly explanatory, it is after all an English production.

The film follows ‘Eggsy’, a talented social misfit, as his life takes a turn for the better after being offered a chance to be a Kingsman. Under Harry’s (Colin Firth) recommendation and guidance, ‘Eggsy’ trains and overcomes obstacles on his quest to becoming a true gentleman. Things get messy as lives are lost, backs are stabbed and Samuel L. Jackson tries his best to play a comedic villain whilst hiding under a terrible lisp accompanied by a baseball cap.

Yes, I did just try my best to deliver a synopsis without revealing any sort of spoilers. It was pretty terrible; I do know that so let’s up the tempo a little by unveiling some of my honest thoughts.

I’m not a terribly big fan of any of the spy movies disclosed above. That is not to say that I do not watch them; it’s just that I probably wouldn’t intentionally view them over again. With that being said, I’m completely ready to sit through another round of Kingsman. Its perfect blend of comedy and action just hits the spot for me and I wouldn’t hesitate in shouting to the world : ‘Kingsman is the best spy film ever’. Many avid fans of the genre may not necessarily agree with this statement but I really do absolutely love it.

Whilst Eggsy kicked off the film with an incredibly reckless attitude, his display of loyalty and kindness was absolutely heartwarming and it instantly won me over. Sure, he might have slowly grown into a gentleman and matured throughout the film as he slowly made his way to becoming a Kingsman but what I truly admire was how he wouldn’t go against his morals for the sake of securing a position. He grew to love his little pug, he provided support for Roxy and when the time came for him to shoot JB. He wouldn’t do it.

Speaking of which, Harry (Colin Firth) clearly said that it was a blank and that there was no bullet in the gun. However, when Roxy took the shot there was indeed a very distinctive gun fire. If what Colin had said was indeed true, a blank would not have caused such a loud noise; which brings me to the reason as to why I am on the offence towards Roxy’s character. Even if the barrel was empty, how could you live with the fact that you threw away your humanity for the sake of joining an extremely violent secret spy agency?

With the immense success from the first film, there will be a second instalment that will be released next year; on my birthday – the 29th of September. (Which just makes me feel incredibly overjoyed) However, I’m not sure about Channing Tatum and Halle Berry starring in it. To me, I feel like it might ruin the beauty of the film, that we had loved from the first one. There’s just something about everyone being English and from the UK that really drew me in. However, I think I wouldn’t mind it so much if both Channing and Halle turned out to be the antagonists because it would make more sense. Honestly, if Channing turns out to be part of the Kingsman, I’m calling quits.

With all of that being said, Kingsman: The Secret Service was completely exhilarating and here’s to a wonderful second instalment!



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