Korra Book 4- [Balance] [Rant/Review/First Impression]

Hello guys.

This post was supposed to be out last week, when the first episode came out…but I got a tad bit too lazy and that is the reason as to why this is only being published now.
If you haven’t already noticed yet… Korra Book 4 is now out and therefore Season 4 is now being aired in the US.

Of course, as all of you are aware, I am a huge fan of the Legend of Korra series and for me this is heaven! This is bliss!
Although my first impression of this new series may not have been a very good one.


Okay, so this book is called Balance… and honestly the name, to me personally, does not make any sense. Because this book is anything BUT balance. In fact, I think they messed up the whole name order thing. Book three should have been named ‘Balance’ and Book 4 should have gotten the name ‘Change’.
So far, Book 4 has been nothing BUT change. Everything is changing! From half the characters’ hairstyles to the role reversals. It’s not the same anymore and I’m not just talking about Mako’s and Bolin’s hairstyle.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.18.11 PM                Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.17.32 PM

Let’s just take this back a little okay? So this series is now set three years after the end of Book 3. And to me, that’s already a pretty big jump. Three years! THREE!!!
How could they skip that far ahead into the future? That’s a really big jump!
Of course, this was my reaction after the first episode and before episode two was even released.

So far, in episode one, we can all gather that Asami’s business is booming, Mako’s career as a detective isn’t doing so good since he’s basically babysitting a spoilt prince, Bolin’s a do-good follower under Guvirea’s (Don’t care if I spelled her name wrong, probably did though..) evil command, by the way Guvirea (Again, evil people don’t need their named spelt right! >-<) is evil (She’s threatening all the good people in the Earth Kingdom to give her all their power in exchange for their safety) to be completely honest, I already called it at the end of Book 3,  Tenzin’s three kids are growing up so fast…they’re almost losing their cute touch and Korra’s  just a hot mess right now. Even though I really really love her new hair.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.24.35 PM

From all that information up there, you can also tell that it’s a lot to take in.
And honestly, it just left me bewildered.

Thought after episode 2 of this series was released, things kinda calmed down for me and now it’s kind of easier to accept all the changes. What I love about episode 2 was that it was all completely centered on just Korra. And I really needed that. After all, the first episode was about everyone EXCEPT Korra and Korra’s like the best bit. Besides from Bolin and all.

In Episode 2, they talk about how life was like for Korra in the last three years and how she’s been undergoing rehabilitation and all that good stuff since she’s been stuck in a wheel chair ever since that battle with Zahir.
Korra is also still quite traumatised after she almost lost her life as a result of that battle and  it’s resulting in her having very realistic hallucinations.

However, the best bit of that episode was the ending where she bumps into Toph.
This was just the cherry on top of a sundae for me. If you’re not already aware of it, I am a huge fan of Toph, she’s my favourite character of the whole Last Airbender series. And I can’t wait for episode 3 to come out now since Toph is now in the picture. Especially since I thought she had already died! Though I did still have some hope left within me in Book 3 after there was some talk that Toph just went into hiding.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.27.00 PM

Also I really can’t wait for Toph to work her magic because obviously Katara just can’t get the job done. Come on! I mean it’s been three years! And all Katara has done is just convinced Korra that those hallucinations are all in her head. Of course, Toph is going to save the day because Toph is the absolute best female character there ever was in this whole AVATAR series!

You know what would be even better than this? Having Toph and Zuko meet again, cause believe it or not I swear Zuko is the father of one of her daughters. Why do you think it’s been so hush-hush?

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next episode to come out and I hope that season 4 will be as great as ever!!

Share your thoughts on this series too and let’s see how this goes!


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 世界一初恋 Anime Review [First Impression]

Now, before I even begin to say anything, I am not a YAOI fan and I swore that I would never ever watch Junjou Romantica. Now before people start sending me anonymous hate mail, I’m not particularly against YAOI, I just can’t develop any liking towards it. Plus as I have mentioned before, I have learnt to cope with the YAOI side of things in this anime by picking the most feminine guy out of the two and just imagining that he is of the female gender. Now THAT makes my heart pound uncontrollably.


Anyway, we’re getting off topic here people!




Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is an anime adaption of the manga: ‘Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’. It is based around the main protaganist, a 25 year old man (Onodera Ritsu) that quits his dad’s editing company to join another company because his colleagues were always teasing him, saying that he was only at his current position because his dad was the head of the company.

At his new company he is placed in the shoujo manga editing section instead of the literature section which was where he originally wanted to hold a position at. Surprise surprise! Turns out the boss of the shoujo manga section, Takano Masamune, was Ritsu’s ‘boyfriend’ back in high school. Once that huge secret is revealed Masamune claims that he will make Ritsu confess his love towards him once again.


One thing I forgot to add, there’s an awkward ‘thing’ that’s going on between them right now because for the last ten years that they’ve been away from each other, both of them thought that the other one played with their feelings and left them broken-hearted. Also, since Ritsu decided to move houses, he finds out that he’ll be next door neighbours with Masamune! I’m not even sure whether I think this is absolutely classic or just plain cliche..




Now on to my personal thoughts about this anime. Honestly, I thought that this anime would be the less explicit version of Junjou Romantica but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m just going to say that the level of explicitness is pretty much on par. Just that I find the characters to be way hotter in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. But I guess it’s not completely fair since I only know the two main characters of Junjou Romantica, only because they’re on the covers.

Also, another confession that I have to make, this is my first time seriously watching a YAOI series and I definitely think that this is really inappropriate for teens under the age of 15. I would say that this is really a MA15+ material. I’m not going to lie there are many overly sexual scenes but they don’t really go pass the heated make-out sessions. I could be wrong after all, I’m only up to episode 7.

By the way, Onodera and Takano are not the only YAOI couple in this series, there are 3 couples all together, if I’m not wrong. I’m not going to lie, I have mixed feelings about the character that Nakamura Yuuichi is playing. (Hatori Yoshiyuki)


Sure, his voice still makes me melt and I want to just hug him but those damn words that are coming out of his mouth, all those lovey dovey things that I want to hear… ARE BEING DIRECTED AT ANOTHER GUY!


Again, I am not a homophobe, but just imagine this, your boyfriend is ditching you and saying erotic things to another guy.

How would that make you feel?

That’s how I feel!


Now let me just insert a little rant about one of my favourite Seiyuus. Nakamura Yuuichi and I go way back, ever since my giant crush on him when he played Ikuto, my heart has been a slave to him. I can recognise his voice from any role, yes, even when he’s playing a man cross-dressing as a woman. Shout out! Tsukimiya Ringo!



Anyway, back onto the real topic here, aside from all the ‘new’ things that still continues to overwhelm me. I find the storyline moving way too fast. I’m the kind of person that usually watches Shounen and Shoujo series so I’m not very familiar with the structure of the Shounen Ai type animes. I’m only used to the innocent love in all those Shoujo series where I build up all those cute hug scenes or those sudden eye-contact scenes until the very last episode where I’m rewarded with that little simple kiss that just ends with a peck. But that’s all okay with me because I think it’s absolutely magical.


However, with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, it is completely different. I’m just whacked in the face with a full-on make-out session in the very first episode, it just shocked me and I didn’t know how to react so I laughed. Hit ‘pause’. Before proceeding to scream into my pillow.


I’m still not used to it though, I’m already up to the 7th episode and my reaction is still the exact same. Call me immature but holy crap man, how can you get used to seeing a kiss scene in every single episode?!


Now aside from all the romance going on, I also really love the atmosphere that this anime creates. I am a big fan of watching the process of editing things, especially books and of course, mangas. (I’m also well-aware of the annoying process, seriously, you have no idea.) But the result is well worth it! So just being able to watch that, really just makes my day, I could watch people working like that for hours on end. It’s crazy.


So far, I have many positive things to say about this anime, it’s funny, the seiyuus just melt your hearts, I love the drawings, there’s hot guys, the storyline is good and I love it’s atmosphere. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that it is a little bit too explicit for me. But that’s just me.

However, my favourite thing about this anime is how hilarious it is. Seriously, how can you not love it when this happens?





Is this not just the best?












The anime on the other hand is not as bad, and if you’d enjoy a laugh and some romance then I suggest you look into it. It can get quite awkward though so, just be prepared.

I also really enjoyed that scene in the ending song, where both of the main characters are sitting down in their junior high days, reading books. As a book lover, that really hits the spot and I don’t know somehow, it inspires me.



That’s it for me, if you want to try something new then why not try watching this?

The Legend of Korra Book 3- Review.

Big News!

If you have not already heard…The Legend of Korra Book 3 has finally been released. They decided to release this season earlier than planned because apparently some ‘die-hard-fans’ were already starting to get their hands on Book 3.

I wish I could say that I have been waiting for this day for my entire life but that would be a lie. I have however, been waiting for this day for  the entire week! It was released last Friday in the US, which would be today from where I’m from. (Australia), so I only just got my hands on it today!

So far, 3 episodes have already been released! It seems that this was supposed to be the special sneak peek at Book 3. Hopefully, they’ll continue to steadily release a new episode each week.

Of course, I’ve already watched all three and honestly, there are still really awesome things going on in this series. Heck, I think that I might even enjoy Book 3 more than I enjoyed Book 2. First, I want to talk about the romantic side of this series, nothing extreme is really going on with the romance section here. Aside from the after effects of the ‘break-up’, you know the awkwardness however, it’s mostly just Mako being way too overly sensitive about the whole thing.

But I guess I’m pretty relieved that nothing big is going down between that dynamic love triangle because after that emotional roller coaster at the end of Book 2, I don’t think my heart can handle anymore trauma. Aside from the crazy love triangle, Jinora might have a new love interest, his name is Kai, he’s around her age but he’s an outlaw orphan kid that just developed new air bending skills.

I know what  you’re thinking…

“There are actually more air-benders out there aside from Tenzen and his kids?!” Why, yes. In fact, Bumi, Tenzen’s awesome crazy non-bender brother started being able to airbend. Apparently  this is one of the side effects from the two portals opening, people start developing airbending abilities. Which is a giant relief because honestly, that means that airbenders can finally marry other airbenders without it being all incest and such.

So now the general outline of what Team Avatar is doing right now is that they’re rounding up all the new airbenders, they’re going to train them and take them all to live as nomads in the Northern Air Temple. The new airbenders are not being very cooperative however, since they don’t actually want to have the ability of airbending. Ungrateful of what? I would love to be an airbender! But let’s not get off track.

However, the only airbender that Team Avatar has been able to recruit is Kai, the thief boy. Which is not really going very well since all he has done so far is run away and steal goods from random citizens, which includes Mako and Bolin as well.
Speaking of Mako and Bolin, while they’re in Ba Sing Se, they lose their way, thanks to Kai and they bump into their uncle who invites them in to meet all their relatives. So things are going pretty well over here.

Also powerful criminals are slowly breaking out from their prison cells which calls for Fire Lord Zuko to make his grand appearance in The Legend of Korra. Which honestly, if you ask me, is about bloody time he did. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty shocked. I seriously thought that he was already dead, due to certain rumours but I’m glad that he’s still alive. They did have to change Zuko’s voice actor though, same as they did with Aang because they couldn’t have Dante Basco playing the voice of a 80-something year old man. Which makes sense, plus Dante Basco is already playing the voice of his grandson, General Iroh.

I think that’s it for me so far.

I really look forward to the rest of Book 3 and we’ll see how it goes.

Mei-chan No Shitsuji [ メイちゃんの執事 ] Drama/ Manga Review

I know, it’s been quite some time but I’ve just not found the time to watch any new animes recently.

However, since it’s the start of my Autumn break, I’ve been spending the last couple of days with my eyes glued to dramas and mangas. I’ve never done a post about a drama before so I thought it’d be good if I could do that. It just so happens that one of the dramas I’ve just completed was ‘Mei-chan no Shitsuji’ it’s quite a good drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so to the point that I completed it within a span of one day.

SYNOPSIS:‘Mei-chan no Shitsuji’ the drama is based on the manga titled: Mei-chan no Shitsuji. (No surprise really) The main storyline of it all is centered around a girl named: Mei, who is the daughter of the parents who own and run an udon store in the out fields. However, due to a certain incident, both of her parents ended up passing away. She is then informed that she’s actually the next inheritor of the Hongo company (?) Anyway, you only need to acknowledge the fact that it’s a big deal. After that she is assigned a butler, Shibata Rihito, and sent to the Saint Lucia Academy. It is an academy for rich young ladies (more like brats might I say), where each of the young ladies gets a a super good-looking butler who practically does everything for them, which is a total invasion of privacy might I add. But hey, they’re super hot. Anyway, things get crazy and you should just watch it or read it to find out more.


Even though it had that same quirky/weird feel to it that practically all JDramas share, it kinda just added to the whole feel of it.

I did think that this drama was a little extreme compared to the other ones that I’ve watched so far. Even though it did have that humour/comedy factor to it, it was a lot more violent than usual. THEY WERE FIGHTING EACH OTHER WITH SWORDS! AND THEY BLED! It’s not like I’m not used to it or anything like that… just that it’s quite alarming when it’s coming from a JDrama.

I did really like most of the characters though, aside from the evil ones because they really were absolutely crazy and insane!

However, taking Shibata Rihito as an example, I really loved him in the drama, mostly due to the fact that it was Hiro Mizushima that was playing him, aside from the fact that Rihito was pretty charismatic. I mean he’s a friggin’ butler for crying out loud!

Mei was also pretty good in the drama. I liked her because she was actually convincing when she was playing the poor, nerdy girl. (Which I found myself connecting with since I’m exactly like that, not going to lie here) Unlike other girls who try to pull of the role, they just aren’t as convincing because honestly underneath even with all the the glasses and such, they’re face it still so nice with make-up and such, plus they look way too cute, each and every one of them.

Kudos, to Mei’s childhood friend as well, man, I really pity him, getting the girl he likes stolen from him by his very own brother. Man, I feel for you. I really liked his character though, he was so honest and he really truly, honestly loved Mei.

I would talk about Lucia, but she’s just so…. words just can’t describe how awful she is. Please just watch it and find out how disturbing she is for yourself.

Now, about Shinobu, Shinobu is Lucia’s crazy obsessive butler who Lucia clearly doesn’t appreciate. First of all, I think the white wig was a bit too much. How terrible do you want him to look, I don’t care if this is just a live-action created directly based from the manga, that was just ridiculous and completely ruined the seriousness of all his crucial scenes. Plus, if you guys were already set to go with the white wig thing, couldn’t you guys just invested in some white eyeshadow powder or a pencil? Just to make sure that his eyebrows matched his same ridiculous hair?!

Anyway, let’s just move onto the manga.

Now after watching the drama, I was pretty crazy about the whole thing so I just thought that I should try out the manga as well.

Now let me just say, the manga is so much more explicit in so many ways!

First of all, what is with all the sexual references?! And the violence! (Please, that picture above, doesn’t even begin to describe to explicitness of it all)

My gosh, the drama seems so much more normal now.

The Mei in the anime was so much more different, for one, she was not even a ‘nerd- girl’ she was just one of those cliche, annoying , practically- good-for-nothing girls that was probably only liked for her looks.

Rihito however was way hotter in the manga and he was a lot stronger. Mameshiba just looked like a girl, Lucia was even more crazy, what is with Rose’s insanely big chests and why is Shinobu even more crazy as well??!!


Now, I really don’t want to ruin it for you so I won’t say anymore.

[Yes…please do…]

Honestly though, at first I thought that this drama was about a girl and sheeps because ‘shitsuji’ means sheep. And now you know why there were so many random sheeps flying around throughout the drama and why there’s so many curls in the title.

黒子のバスケ Kuroko No Basket Season 2 Episode 1. [Review/Rant/Spoiler.]

Hi. It’s Linn.

Hope you haven’t forgotten me.. I know it’s been a couple of weeks, but I’m back.

I’m back this time to do a rant/review on the new episode (that came out this week?), Episode 1 of the second season of Kuroko no Basket.

To be honest, I only just finished the first episode of the first season today. Sorry.

[I started watching the series when it first came out but kinda dropped it.. because I got distracted. However, when I heard that season 2 recently came out, I JUST HAD TO finish the rest of Season 1. Which was very suspenseful. (?)]

I think it was a good thing, that I dropped it for a while, because you know how you hate it after you finish a really good anime and you have nothing else to watch? Yeah, this time that didn’t happen to me because I just went straight on to the first episode of the second season.

However, I hate it again now because I have to wait for episode 2 to come out.

[So… Back on to the rant/review]

First, let’s talk about the the Opening. [If you wanna check that out, just click here.]

The graphics were once again.. just SUPERB and once again.. excellent song choice.

At the start of the opening as well, when Kuroko did that fist pump in front of the audience… How can you NOT feel like putting your hand up in the air as well? Or am I just overly excited..?

[I mean I just spent 3 hours watching the awesome battles between Aomine and Kise. I can’t help it.]

So episode one starts off practically, a few days (A couple of weeks at most) after the Inter High Competitions.

At the ‘oh-so popular’ fast food joint that they always go to, Seirin’s coach talks about how they should just rest the day after. The 3 first years (That almost never get seen on the court) suggest that they participate in a street basketball competition that is being held.

The coach says: ‘no’ but Teppei convinces her, since the first years (other than Kuroko and Kagami) are usually barely allowed to compete.

The next day, they attend the competition.

Hey hey. Have you ever wondered why Kagami always wore that ring around his neck?

Surprise surprise!

Himuro Tatsuya

The guy [Tatsuya] standing on the the court before Seirin is wearing the exact same ring around his neck!

[Now I always thought maybe it was a childhood lover that gave it to him?]

No! It’s this guy. *sigh*

After that, there’s this huge flashback to Kagami’s cute childhood days, in America. [And I die from laughter.]

Their English! It’s so bad! And it’s not just them! [Don’t believe me? Watch this.]

The other ‘american’ kids too! There was even this black kid that was struggling to pronounce their words!

[It’s not just this anime. I don’t get why they can’t hire genuine people who can actually speak English! I mean, it can’t be the budget cost, do you know how big this ‘Kuroko no Basket’ project is?!]

But yeah, Tatsuya was the one that taught and influenced Kagami to play Basketball.

And they make the issue with their rings… so very complicated. [When it’s not]

Goddamn it Tatsuya!

Wear the ring if you want to! Take it off if you don’t want to!

Don’t go putting pressure onto Kagami! It’s not his fault he was owning you at basketball! Just go practice more!

[Did I also mention that Atsushi (the purple haired guy) is from Yosei and also Tatsuya is part of Yosei as well..now.]

All in all, I look forward to the upcoming episodes and I can’t wait.

[Linn, Signing Out.]

Servant x Service Episode 9. [Review/Spoilers]

Yo! I’m back.

This post will be my 2nd review/spoiler and this time it’ll be on episode 9 of the anime Servant x Service.

[Today’s my birthday too! Is not related to anything but I just had to.]

So episode 9 is mostly centered around the four characters; Chihaya, Lucy, Hasebe and Ichimiya.

The episode starts off with Chihaya and Ichimiya and as from the previous episodes, Chihaya is still pretty bothered about her relationship with Ichimiya and how everything is going.

And I don’t blame her.

I mean… When someone says something like this:Image

You don’t say:


Can I slap you..?

How much of a wimp are you?

First let’s just get things straight. When a girl, especially you’re GIRLFRIEND says something like that you have to say something like this:


But of course, being Chihaya, she still gets irritated with the thought of him saying that.


But luckily, she also slapped him.


Which satisfied me very much.

So moving on, Lucy and Miyoshi go out for a meal with Hasebe’s sister and they talk about  the history between Jouji and Hasebe.


Yes, that is Jouji. Wasn’t he cute? (//w//)

The next day, Miyoshi tells Hasebe that someone is getting married, but he couldn’t hear whom, so he just came to the conclusion that it was Lucy.


And let’s just say that he was more than just devastated.





I mean seriously… he’s even making his boss bald.


But luckily, it turns out that Hasebe’s sister is the one getting married…


And Lucy’s just happy about getting her Tosho card.


Which is only worth 1000 yen.


Which converts back to about $10.

I think we all have Hasebe’s expression right now.

Hasebe then chucks his phone.


Gets embarrassed.


Lucy states the obvious: You’re phone is broken.

Which Hasebe responds with:


Lucy then basically asks why.

And hold it…




KYAA! (//v//)

That just made my day. Thank you very much.


I feel like I just told you guys word for word what happened in this episode, which I basically..did.

But seriously, you have to watch this episode, it’s my favourite at this very moment.

So, have you watched it yet?

Do you plan to watch it?

What are your thoughts after watching it?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

[Linn, Signing Out.]