Mei-chan No Shitsuji [ メイちゃんの執事 ] Drama/ Manga Review

I know, it’s been quite some time but I’ve just not found the time to watch any new animes recently.

However, since it’s the start of my Autumn break, I’ve been spending the last couple of days with my eyes glued to dramas and mangas. I’ve never done a post about a drama before so I thought it’d be good if I could do that. It just so happens that one of the dramas I’ve just completed was ‘Mei-chan no Shitsuji’ it’s quite a good drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so to the point that I completed it within a span of one day.

SYNOPSIS:‘Mei-chan no Shitsuji’ the drama is based on the manga titled: Mei-chan no Shitsuji. (No surprise really) The main storyline of it all is centered around a girl named: Mei, who is the daughter of the parents who own and run an udon store in the out fields. However, due to a certain incident, both of her parents ended up passing away. She is then informed that she’s actually the next inheritor of the Hongo company (?) Anyway, you only need to acknowledge the fact that it’s a big deal. After that she is assigned a butler, Shibata Rihito, and sent to the Saint Lucia Academy. It is an academy for rich young ladies (more like brats might I say), where each of the young ladies gets a a super good-looking butler who practically does everything for them, which is a total invasion of privacy might I add. But hey, they’re super hot. Anyway, things get crazy and you should just watch it or read it to find out more.


Even though it had that same quirky/weird feel to it that practically all JDramas share, it kinda just added to the whole feel of it.

I did think that this drama was a little extreme compared to the other ones that I’ve watched so far. Even though it did have that humour/comedy factor to it, it was a lot more violent than usual. THEY WERE FIGHTING EACH OTHER WITH SWORDS! AND THEY BLED! It’s not like I’m not used to it or anything like that… just that it’s quite alarming when it’s coming from a JDrama.

I did really like most of the characters though, aside from the evil ones because they really were absolutely crazy and insane!

However, taking Shibata Rihito as an example, I really loved him in the drama, mostly due to the fact that it was Hiro Mizushima that was playing him, aside from the fact that Rihito was pretty charismatic. I mean he’s a friggin’ butler for crying out loud!

Mei was also pretty good in the drama. I liked her because she was actually convincing when she was playing the poor, nerdy girl. (Which I found myself connecting with since I’m exactly like that, not going to lie here) Unlike other girls who try to pull of the role, they just aren’t as convincing because honestly underneath even with all the the glasses and such, they’re face it still so nice with make-up and such, plus they look way too cute, each and every one of them.

Kudos, to Mei’s childhood friend as well, man, I really pity him, getting the girl he likes stolen from him by his very own brother. Man, I feel for you. I really liked his character though, he was so honest and he really truly, honestly loved Mei.

I would talk about Lucia, but she’s just so…. words just can’t describe how awful she is. Please just watch it and find out how disturbing she is for yourself.

Now, about Shinobu, Shinobu is Lucia’s crazy obsessive butler who Lucia clearly doesn’t appreciate. First of all, I think the white wig was a bit too much. How terrible do you want him to look, I don’t care if this is just a live-action created directly based from the manga, that was just ridiculous and completely ruined the seriousness of all his crucial scenes. Plus, if you guys were already set to go with the white wig thing, couldn’t you guys just invested in some white eyeshadow powder or a pencil? Just to make sure that his eyebrows matched his same ridiculous hair?!

Anyway, let’s just move onto the manga.

Now after watching the drama, I was pretty crazy about the whole thing so I just thought that I should try out the manga as well.

Now let me just say, the manga is so much more explicit in so many ways!

First of all, what is with all the sexual references?! And the violence! (Please, that picture above, doesn’t even begin to describe to explicitness of it all)

My gosh, the drama seems so much more normal now.

The Mei in the anime was so much more different, for one, she was not even a ‘nerd- girl’ she was just one of those cliche, annoying , practically- good-for-nothing girls that was probably only liked for her looks.

Rihito however was way hotter in the manga and he was a lot stronger. Mameshiba just looked like a girl, Lucia was even more crazy, what is with Rose’s insanely big chests and why is Shinobu even more crazy as well??!!


Now, I really don’t want to ruin it for you so I won’t say anymore.

[Yes…please do…]

Honestly though, at first I thought that this drama was about a girl and sheeps because ‘shitsuji’ means sheep. And now you know why there were so many random sheeps flying around throughout the drama and why there’s so many curls in the title.


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