The Legend of Korra Book 3- Review.

Big News!

If you have not already heard…The Legend of Korra Book 3 has finally been released. They decided to release this season earlier than planned because apparently some ‘die-hard-fans’ were already starting to get their hands on Book 3.

I wish I could say that I have been waiting for this day for my entire life but that would be a lie. I have however, been waiting for this day for  the entire week! It was released last Friday in the US, which would be today from where I’m from. (Australia), so I only just got my hands on it today!

So far, 3 episodes have already been released! It seems that this was supposed to be the special sneak peek at Book 3. Hopefully, they’ll continue to steadily release a new episode each week.

Of course, I’ve already watched all three and honestly, there are still really awesome things going on in this series. Heck, I think that I might even enjoy Book 3 more than I enjoyed Book 2. First, I want to talk about the romantic side of this series, nothing extreme is really going on with the romance section here. Aside from the after effects of the ‘break-up’, you know the awkwardness however, it’s mostly just Mako being way too overly sensitive about the whole thing.

But I guess I’m pretty relieved that nothing big is going down between that dynamic love triangle because after that emotional roller coaster at the end of Book 2, I don’t think my heart can handle anymore trauma. Aside from the crazy love triangle, Jinora might have a new love interest, his name is Kai, he’s around her age but he’s an outlaw orphan kid that just developed new air bending skills.

I know what  you’re thinking…

“There are actually more air-benders out there aside from Tenzen and his kids?!” Why, yes. In fact, Bumi, Tenzen’s awesome crazy non-bender brother started being able to airbend. Apparently  this is one of the side effects from the two portals opening, people start developing airbending abilities. Which is a giant relief because honestly, that means that airbenders can finally marry other airbenders without it being all incest and such.

So now the general outline of what Team Avatar is doing right now is that they’re rounding up all the new airbenders, they’re going to train them and take them all to live as nomads in the Northern Air Temple. The new airbenders are not being very cooperative however, since they don’t actually want to have the ability of airbending. Ungrateful of what? I would love to be an airbender! But let’s not get off track.

However, the only airbender that Team Avatar has been able to recruit is Kai, the thief boy. Which is not really going very well since all he has done so far is run away and steal goods from random citizens, which includes Mako and Bolin as well.
Speaking of Mako and Bolin, while they’re in Ba Sing Se, they lose their way, thanks to Kai and they bump into their uncle who invites them in to meet all their relatives. So things are going pretty well over here.

Also powerful criminals are slowly breaking out from their prison cells which calls for Fire Lord Zuko to make his grand appearance in The Legend of Korra. Which honestly, if you ask me, is about bloody time he did. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty shocked. I seriously thought that he was already dead, due to certain rumours but I’m glad that he’s still alive. They did have to change Zuko’s voice actor though, same as they did with Aang because they couldn’t have Dante Basco playing the voice of a 80-something year old man. Which makes sense, plus Dante Basco is already playing the voice of his grandson, General Iroh.

I think that’s it for me so far.

I really look forward to the rest of Book 3 and we’ll see how it goes.

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