Takato Nagata to Appear in ‘Colorful Love’ JDrama

It has been announced that Takato Nagata is set to appear in the popular Japanese drama ‘Colorful Love’.

Takato has been cast as the character ‘Yuutan’, a ‘big brother’ host on a children’s TV program. Takato will be playing an original character in this drama. This means that his character was not included in the original manga series.

Colorful Love JDrama 2021 I Am Loved By A Genderless Boy Karafuraburu

‘Yuutan’ is said to be an incredibly interesting character who will serve as a competitor within the drama’s storyline, inciting unexpected developments that will heavily impact the main characters’ relationship.

Takato Nagata also updated his blog to inform his fans about his new role.

Nagata Takato Holding Roses

“I think that this drama is filled with a lot of hints that you should live your life authentically. I’ve also received a lot of encouragement from that.”

Takato Nagata

‘Colorful Love’ is a drama adaptation of the popular manga series ‘カラフラブル~ジェンダーレス男子に愛されています’. Its story highlights the interesting dating life between a female editor who doesn’t prioritise her appearance and a male model (and fashion salesman) who does.

‘Colorful Love — I Am Loved by a Genderless Boy‘ is currently airing on Nippon TV at 11:59pm (JST), every Thursday.

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