La Corda D’oro: Hihara Ending Special [My translation]

Okay, so people have been asking for a translation for this video.

Sadly, an official one has not been done yet, but for those hard core fans that earnestly want to know what’s going on, my translation should suffice.

So press play and just read my translations. My Japanese is not perfect but you’ll get the gist of everything that is going on.

(brackets)= Things I’m not sure about or just my thoughts on the scene.




Hihara: Tomorrow is graduation~(It seems like I won’t be able to see you in school again.) But we can just meet outside of school- *He almost trips*

Kaho: *Catches him*

Hihara: Thank you Kaho-chan. Ah! Sorry! Oh! Kaho-chan, Did you change your shampoo?

Kaho: *Grabs and looks at her hair*

Hihara: Ah! That’s not it! It’s not like I was smelling your hair! Ah.. but how do I say it…

Kaho: *Giggles*

Hihara: Eh.  *Thinks* When Kaho is around, My heart always starts beating really fast. (Doki doki)

*Flash backs*

Hihara: This heart beat, Kaho-chan didn’t hear it right? Ah, but even if she heard it it would still be okay. My trumpet sound, the atmosphere it creates, Kaho-chan went DOKI DOKI~ and it made me happy (?)

Liking a girl, that feeling you feel, it’s that amazing. It’s the first time I’ve felt that!

Your chest tightens (And becomes hot?) , but somehow it tickles and it becomes fluffy.

However, there were painful times as well right? That was also the first time I’ve felt that.

Kaho-chan’s painful feelings back then… *Grabs his hair* (KYAAAA!~)

I couldn’t do anything about them. (He couldn’t help at all)

[Something about her face with a painful expression…] (I got the gist of this bit but I can’t translate it very well…)

But, that is not good right? I have to properly say (Accept) it.

I’ve got it now. (I understand it now)

Whoever you like, fun times, happy times, and also sad times and tough times, all of them if you don’t understand them then it won’t be good. (?)

The person that taught me all this is Kaho-chan!

*Scene where Hihara watches Kaho cry on the swing*

That is why, Kaho-chan, with (like) my trumpet tune, I’ll say it in a big voice!

*Stop the flashbacks*

Kaho-chan, I like you.

*He hugs her*

In this whole world, you are the person that I like the most.


Kay, so I hope that you enjoyed that, or at least now you understand the gist of what they are saying.


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