Hey! Say! JUMP Releases New ‘Negative Fighter’ Music Video

April 27, 2021 — The popular Johnny’s boy band Hey! Say! JUMP has just released their second ‘Negative Fighter’ music video on YouTube.

Their first promotional video for this single consisted of dancing digital avatar counterparts, and it initially received mixed reviews, as fans found the avatars to look slightly disproportionate.


This new official music video consists of pastel colours that compliment the song’s positive message. All Hey! Say! JUMP members can be seen executing the impressionable ‘Negative Fighter’ choreography, as they have fun in both their pink outfits, as well as detective-themed costumes.

  • Pink Outfits in Hey! Say! JUMP's New Negative Fighter PV MV Music Video
  • Hey! Say! JUMP Negative Fighter PV MV Music Video

‘Negative Fighter’ also serves as the theme song for Hey! Say! JUMP member Daiki Arioka’s latest drama — Private Detective Hoshikamo (探偵☆星鴨).

‘Negative Fighter’ will be Hey! Say! JUMP’s 29th single.

The official release date of Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single is May 12, 2021.


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