Book Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Book 4]

Good day.

I’m here today to review the fourth instalment of J.K. Rowling’s book series: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Now if you’re wondering why I’m skipping the first three and jumping straight into the fourth one, it is obviously due to the fact that I’m a rather spontaneous person and therefore it is only natural for me to execute things in a rather spontaneous manner. Henceforth, we shall be jumping straight into the Goblet of Fire.

Only joking, see I’m a forgetful person. I forget things…very easily. And so as to avoid me forgetting certain events in the fourth book, I shall be reviewing it straight away while it is still imprinted in my head. ( I have recently finished reading the fourth book and am now reading The Order of the Phoenix.) However, do not fret, I shall also be reviewing the first three books. All in good time, my friend.

[There will be spoilers- as always]

This is the fourth book. Where things start to get serious. Voldemort’s back. He kills Cedric for pete’s sake!

So it’s not surprising that the books start to get longer from here on out. It took me quite a while to break through this one, considering that the longest it took me to finish the first three equates to less than a week. But I did it and it was awesome.

I’m going to keep repeating this because it’s absolutely true. It doesn’t matter that I’ve watched all of the Harry Potter movies, maybe more than once, because the movies tend to miss all of those tiny details that really ties this whole series together. Therefore, even though I am fully aware of the major events that take place in each of the instalments, everything still seems completely new and wonderful to me.

For example, we really get to see all of those little hints of Ron’s jealousy- not just at the Yule Ball. He’s ALWAYS jealous. Always. It’s adorable and hilarious. Something else that I thoroughly enjoyed were the elves. They talk so much about the elves that serve at Hogwarts. It’s incredible. In addition to that, we are blessed with Dobby’s presence once again. I absolutely love Dobby, I think that he is the most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for.

Speaking of Dobby, did you know that it was him that helped Harry Potter complete the second task with the Gilly Weed? Not Neville? I don’t know how they could’ve missed out on something so completely crucial as that! And since we’re on the whole comparing stage, it was Fred that came to get Ron and Hermione before the second task, not Mad-Eye Moody the imposter. It’s crazy how directors can just change details like that. (Not to mention, James Phelps could’ve received more screen time if they hadn’t done what they did.)

Now onto much more pressing matters- Sirius.

I loved him even more in this book- is that possible? Sirius was … simply adorable. And his love for Harry as his godson is beautiful. He survived off of rats and rodents just for Harry. If that is no love, I don’t know what love is. Plus I loved that Sirius instructed the trio to refer to him as ‘Snuffles’. Because honestly, how adorable is it that he’s a fully grown man that suffered through all kinds of terrors for his loved ones and yet, after contemplating over a secret code name for god-knows-how long, he finally decides of ‘Snuffles’. It’s brilliant!

Since we’re on the subject of adorableness (not a word), Viktor Krum.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not at all even consider Viktor as a possible love interest for Hermione Granger. (For one, his English is deplorable and it’s not as if Hermione is capable of conversing in any other language other than English. So there’s our first problem right there.) Plus, they have nothing in common other than Viktor’s primal instincts being conveyed via staring at Hermione while she’s studying.

However, his humungous crush on her is slightly adorable slash hilarious slash slightly awkward.

Exhibit A- Viktor Krum displays his affection towards her by inviting her over during the summer and declares his that she is the only girl that has ever made him feel this way before. Now that line, although cliche, can never really get old. When said by the right person, it is completely timeless. (Not saying that Viktor is the right guy for Hermione.)

Now, onto different matters.

Snape is a vile man. He is completely spiteful and pathetic. I have never liked him one bit! And my feelings of hatred towards this character has only increased as I’ve progressed through the books. He’s a horrible man. His constant need to pick on the trios is absolutely insufferable. It’s pathetic! How old is this guy anyway? Who the heck decided that his level maturity even met with the requirements for this position as a professor?

Example. In the Goblet of Fire, there is a scene where Malfoy and Harry get into a little fight. Harry casts a charm that accidentally hits Goyle instead of Malfoy. And same goes for Malfoy, his charm ends up hitting Hermione- enlarging her teeth. When Snape arrives, Malfoy tells on Harry. SHOCKER. However, when Harry tries to justify his actions by explaining that Malfoy enlarged Hermione’s teeth to a rather painful size, Snape just states that he thinks that Hermione’s teeth look completely normal to him and that Hermione normally looks like that anyway.

Don’t you just want to knock the guy out?

Who cares if he was bullied when he was younger? Serves him right for being such a spiteful person anyway. How does him bullying children that are less than half his age justify anything? It’s pathetic.

And for all those people that despise people like me who do not show any ounce of pity for the man, let’s see how you would feel if the man bullied you- by being a pathetic little snake.

He was selfish man that couldn’t stand that he wasn’t enough of a man for Lily. There’s a reason why he was placed into the Slytherin house. He is spiteful.

Well, I feel that I definitely liked the book more than the movie. It’s just a lot more lovable. With more detail on Sirius, Dobby and everything else.






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