Queue in the Harry Potter Series


Let me start off with saying that I am feeling indeed rather embarrassed with myself. I’ve just been checking in with my Linn Reviews statistics for this year and was hit with the shocking fact that I had only written two blog posts through the course of this entire year. TWO!

I find this to be absolutely terrible on my part, how did this happen? Or should I say…. how did I let it slip this far?

Being absolutely honest, this was definitely the biggest year so far- in terms of studying- however, this is simply not an excuse for my lack of writing reviews. It is ridiculously surprising that the amount of views for this year alone trumped the views that I had received last year; even though I had written eleven times the amount that had been published this year. This is not an excuse to slack however.

Therefore, to breathe new life into this blog once again, I shall be writing reviews for all eight of the Harry Potter movies before this year comes to an end. I am also determined to write about my thoughts on the Harry Potter novels as I am currently experiencing the wonders of their magic. [Pun Intended]

The Harry Potter series and I travel way way back. When we were younger, my sister was absolutely in love with Harry Potter and so I was dragged to each and every one of their movies. When they first came out, I was forced to go; along with all my other family members- who, by the way, had no particular interest in them either.

Bear in mind that when the first movie came out in 2001, I was three years old. And as a three year old that was forced to see a film, that was about a boy fighting a nose-less freak, at a cinema- late at night, it was definitely not surprising that I fell asleep through the whole thing. (It was great, I had the time of my life curling into a ball, like a little puppy, and just having a little snooze. Best sleep of my life. Seriously.)

From then on, it became somewhat of an unspoken tradition of mine, go to the cinema and sleep through the new Harry Potter film. Obviously, the little toddler me had no idea how my parents were paying the cinema for my two hours of shut-eye was working out. Heck, all I knew was that the boy who lived did a great job in making me fall asleep every year.

It was odd though. I only fell asleep during the Harry Potter films because I stayed right awake throughout all the other films that I was dragged along to. Such as Zoro II and this Batman movie. After watching Zoro II, that was the first time I fell in love with Antonio Bandaras. I was five… and clearly under-aged. But he was just so understanding about the whole thing. It took him awhile to accept that we couldn’t see each other but he was wonderful. Sometimes he… [I’m sorry, I’ll stop. It was just so hard to control myself.]

So where were we?

That’s right! Harry Potter.

Now after my previous relationship with this series, it’s odd that I’m now currently obsessed with it. However, during my final examination period this year, I just found myself looking at Harry Potter related things online and then channel nine decided to have this Harry Potter marathon over the course of eight weeks. I was then enveloped in this sudden urge to have my own style of marathons and obviously that was unheard of since I was involved in the war- THE EXAMS.

So I decided to motivate myself, I baited myself into studying as hard as I did, all for the sake of being able to reward myself with a massive Harry Potter Movie Marathon at the end of everything. It was crazy. The marathon commenced immediately after I arrived home from my Politics and Law exam and lasted for a duration of one and a half days. It was pretty intense. I mean it, staying up till two AM and surviving off of my sheer love for the series. It started off with me being completely crazy about Hermione and Ronald, as well as their fated bond off-screen as Emma and Rupert. However, by the end of the series, it was all about the Weasley twins and my very apparent attraction towards James Phelps. That’s right. At the age of seventeen, I fell in love with James and it was completely mutual. Despite him being twenty-nine and twelve years my senior, we have decided that it’s a big step from my age gap with Antonio so that makes this completely okay.

But in all seriousness, that was the start of my love for Harry Potter. In a sense, it’s pretty great that I’m completely new to this fandom because that means that I get to experience all the happiness of falling in love with this series for the first time. And I’m at a mature age, where I can fully appreciate it. I don’t care if people on public transport judge me for ‘reading a children’s book’. It’s brilliant and I love it. And honestly, I think that I’m forever going to remain a child. I’m still waiting for puberty to work its magic on me. I don’t think puberty ever wants to deal with me, ever.

So that’s it.

Look out for my future reviews.

And have a great day.


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