Favourite AMV Of The Day #3 [Winter Special]

Hello again.


This time I have a couple of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi AMV for you guys, since I’m currently in the midst of watching this series.

Yes, this is slightly different from the other ones since there will be multiple videos. However, this is because I couldn’t find one super awesome epic one featuring everyone so I decided to show three videos with all the three couples!


I hope you enjoy them!


Onodera & Masamune



Okay fine, two for the Onodera & Masamune pair, only because I like the second song and I think it actually fits into the plot of the anime. ^^



Yukina & Kisa



Chiaki & Tori




Knock yourselves out.


I don’t really have a favourite couple and I don’t really ship any of them. I do like Tori though because it’s Yuuichi, I really find it quite frustrating that he’s saying all these kinds of things to a guy before I even get to hear him say it. T_T





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