This will be my first post. As you can already tell from the title above,

I’ll be reviewing both Animes and Mangas on this blog.

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. The name’s Linn and I’m just your average being.

And here’s just a random list of hobbies:

┌                                                                                   ┐

◦Basketball                 ◦Sleeping

◦Anime                         ◦Studying Japanese

◦Reading                     ◦Soccer (?)




└                                                                                  ┘


I’ve been a lover of anime and manga since I was a kid.

You know how you start off on Pokemon and you graduate to Dragon Ball Z? Yeah. I’ve been there. Just like all you other people.

Or, Sailor Moon. Which ever floats your boat.

It would be a great honour to take the upcoming animes as well as the animes from the past and transport you to a world where you’re able to see them in a different light, through my glasses.

[You’re probably all like: DUDE. What’s with you and glasses? Well if you’ve known me from my other blogs, you’d know that I wear glasses and that I’m going off topic here.]


Nice to meet you and please look forward to it!



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