MacGyver S5E12 – A Solid Reminder of How Good S3E14 Was

MacGyver Angus MacGyver Lucas Till Riley Davis Tristin Mays MacRiley Moment Prison Episode Season 1 Episode 7

Am I still watching the MacGyver reboot in 2021? Yes, I am. I’m definitely keeping up with it. I may not be enjoying it very much, but I’m forcing myself to hang onto the series — like a begrudging masochist. A part of me is still holding onto the hope that the writers will finally end our suffering by letting the dorky smart guy end up with the techie smart girl. Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Riley Davis (Tristin Mays) may both be incredibly attractive, but there’s no denying that they’re geeks at heart.

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A Little Too Good, A Little Underrated : I Don’t Love You Yet

Controversial statements aren’t necessarily the best way to start off a review. However, I think that a fair number of people who consume Japanese dramas can agree that quality romantic-comedies of its kind are certainly few and far between. A huge reason as to why this is so, is mainly due to the fact that many of these dramas are based off of popular manga series. While the original artworks may have been excellent, I have found that many drama adaptations often pale in comparison. Most of them are so focused on imitating the original manga that they’re based upon that the overall delivery of everything ultimately ends up falling flat. This often results in cringe-worthy exaggerations and terrible storytelling.

i don't love you yet jdrama shirasu jin in glasses with adachi rika glasses
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Yumeiro Patissiere 夢色パティシエール Anime Review

Due to my clear negligence of writing any reviews for a very long time, I would say that I’m doing a rather good job of actually committing right now. I thought that I would take a little break from the whole Marvels scene and actually write about an anime. How long has it been since I did one of those aye?

For the past week I have been re-watching the anime: Yumeiro Patissiere. Why? I have absolutely no idea but now I’ve found it to be rather inspirational. Strange, I know, for me to find inspiration -of all places- in a cooking anime. But this anime is definitely more than just a cooking anime, it really instils the importance of establishing a goal and working hard towards reaching that dream. Not to mention it constantly brings up the fact that you should never give up, no matter what.

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Gilmore Girls- [RANT] – Rory is a Terrible Girlfriend.

This doesn’t happen often. It does happen sometimes but this is a first for this year.

That’s right. Let the ranting begin.

Mid-way this year, I began my journey with the Gilmore Girls. Of course, my urge to watch this series began during my mid-year examination period. However, I successfully abstained from acting on it until after my exams. Go me. I actually really liked Rory Gilmore before I had even began the series due to the study screen caps that were spreading around on Tumblr. It was so inspiring and I wanted to be just like her, work hard on my studies, be pretty and have a completely unrealistic mother.

Even throughout the whole first season of the series, I still liked her. I still wanted to be like her.

However, now that having reached the midpoint of the second season, everyone is completely unbearable and honestly, I feel that Rory takes the cake. She wins the prize money. The whole lot. She’s a terrible girlfriend.

Obviously that statement that I have just stated will be frowned upon and there are angry Gilmore Girl fans furiously scribbling my name at the very top of their ‘Hit List’ as we speak. Sure, she’s pretty and smart, that is undeniable, however my statement still remains.

Cue in exhibit one.

Let’s rewind and go back to the reason as to why Dean and Rory broke up in the first place.

It was their three month anniversary, Dean planned everything. It was a little over-the-top but it’s nice to have a guy that takes initiative. Especially a guy that you like, it was a little mature for his age- which is a waste of his youth if you ask me. Anyway, after that expensive meal at a fancy restaurant, Dean takes her to a junk yard where he unveils this pretty decent car that he had made from scratch, just for Rory. He then proceeds to proclaim his love for her. However, at his age, I highly doubt that he even knows what love is- but let’s just run along with it.

He very patiently waits for her reply. A simple ‘I love you’. But no. Not only does she falters and the silence is painfully annoying, she ends up reply to his ‘I love you’ with … ‘I love the car’. What does that tell you? Can someone holler out a ‘GOLD DIGGER’?

Dean ends up breaking up with her- that brings me back to the whole ‘he doesn’t even know what love is’ issue- but that’s not the point.

The next day, Rory goes to a party and somehow, she ends up sucking face with the blond-haired, disturbing playboy Triston. The very next day after the break-up. I don’t care if she was currently single at the given point in time. She did not have romantic feelings for Triston, Triston was emotionally unstable and it had only been twenty-four hours since she had left her previous relationship. She’s only sixteen! Why is she so loose? Yup, that’s the lady-like, elegant Rory for you, right there.

Just a few episodes after Rory and Dean become a couple again, Rory lets Jess into her room. That might not be a big deal but if the roles were switched around and Dean had let a person of the opposite gender saunter into his room. All hell would’ve broken loose and Dean would’ve been attacked by the general public. Don’t lie. It’s true.

Now how do you feel about that whole picnic basket episode?

Rory ends up siding with Jess just because Jess- due to his raging hormones- decides to blow ninety-five bucks on Rory’s picnic basket of rotting crap. Which, I should remind you, she had originally planned on shoving down her boyfriend’s throat, despite her boyfriend’s intention of paying good money on it. That’s perfect girlfriend material right there, you might want to snag her up before some other unlucky bastard does. And it’s not Dean’s fault that he couldn’t afford it. He went as far as bidding eighty dollars for it! And let’s not forget how much money Dean had blown on her already. – Linking back to how much of a gold-digger Rory is.

It’s ridiculous, it’s unfaithful and I don’t care how pretty or smart she is. I don’t care how innocent she appears, she’s flirtatious and it’s just wrong.

I don’t ever want to be like her.