Boku No Hero Academia 僕のヒーローアカデミア Season 1 [Anime Review]

It has been way too long. You have no idea how many reviews I have planned to write however, none of them have been successfully published. I had initially planned to write an incredibly detailed post as to how my anime hiatus came to an end but I realized that if I worried too much about those details, I’d never actually get down to writing my actual reviews. Hence, we’ll be leaving that area for another day and right now, we’ll jump straight into this review because this anime is literally an ‘all for one’ and once you’ve witnessed its heroism, you’ll be ‘plus ultra’-ing all day long.


That was incredibly lame but I’ve just completely blazed through the first season and all I can think about are its incredibly lame yet ridiculously amazing catch phrases.

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Servant x Service Episode 9. [Review/Spoilers]

Yo! I’m back.

This post will be my 2nd review/spoiler and this time it’ll be on episode 9 of the anime Servant x Service.

[Today’s my birthday too! Is not related to anything but I just had to.]

So episode 9 is mostly centered around the four characters; Chihaya, Lucy, Hasebe and Ichimiya.

The episode starts off with Chihaya and Ichimiya and as from the previous episodes, Chihaya is still pretty bothered about her relationship with Ichimiya and how everything is going.

And I don’t blame her.

I mean… When someone says something like this:Image

You don’t say:


Can I slap you..?

How much of a wimp are you?

First let’s just get things straight. When a girl, especially you’re GIRLFRIEND says something like that you have to say something like this:


But of course, being Chihaya, she still gets irritated with the thought of him saying that.


But luckily, she also slapped him.


Which satisfied me very much.

So moving on, Lucy and Miyoshi go out for a meal with Hasebe’s sister and they talk about  the history between Jouji and Hasebe.


Yes, that is Jouji. Wasn’t he cute? (//w//)

The next day, Miyoshi tells Hasebe that someone is getting married, but he couldn’t hear whom, so he just came to the conclusion that it was Lucy.


And let’s just say that he was more than just devastated.





I mean seriously… he’s even making his boss bald.


But luckily, it turns out that Hasebe’s sister is the one getting married…


And Lucy’s just happy about getting her Tosho card.


Which is only worth 1000 yen.


Which converts back to about $10.

I think we all have Hasebe’s expression right now.

Hasebe then chucks his phone.


Gets embarrassed.


Lucy states the obvious: You’re phone is broken.

Which Hasebe responds with:


Lucy then basically asks why.

And hold it…




KYAA! (//v//)

That just made my day. Thank you very much.


I feel like I just told you guys word for word what happened in this episode, which I basically..did.

But seriously, you have to watch this episode, it’s my favourite at this very moment.

So, have you watched it yet?

Do you plan to watch it?

What are your thoughts after watching it?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

[Linn, Signing Out.]