Itazura Na Kiss [The Movie] Review


It’s been quite a few months since I’ve reviewed anything on this site. I’m not going to make any promises but I am thinking of writing a review for the new Logan film as well as an animated film which was recently retitled as Leap, that I quite enjoyed. Obviously it was crucial and expected that I review Logan, fair warning, it completely ripped out my heart and had me wailing in the cinemas. Hey! Twenty bucks completely warrants the freedom to cry in a public place. The only thing shocking about it all was how everyone remained thoroughly composed about the whole thing and walked out of there so nonchalantly. Did nobody else just have their childhood stripped away from them?

I’m sorry, I’m getting rather carried away and we’re not even writing the Logan Film Review right now.


Itazura na kiss. It’s been a story that has been told so many times before. We’ve seen an almost impossible amount of versions of it from almost all of the known Asian countries. It is a rather ridiculously overplayed storyline, however it’s almost become some sort of a classic in the whole romantic comedy community. The story is absolutely timeless.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Official Trailer – First Impression


I’m currently in Malaysia and still completely behind on my blog post uploads however, the official Spider-man trailer for the 2017 film was finally released yesterday and I felt like since I was already running late for the other posts, I should just take the time out to write this one up whilst it’s still relatively new. I had previously intended to upload a post about Tom Holland on my other blog: Linn Tells A Story, however due to my week being incredibly hectic, I didn’t have the luxury of just sitting down and writing it all out. I will however, definitely upload that post sometime next week. It’s going to be great so please check that out here, when I do post it.

Yesterday, was an extremely long day for me.

The night before, it was announced that the new Homecoming trailer would be released on Jimmy Kimmel Live at 11:35PM (LA time?) and obviously my being in Malaysia means that it would be towards the late morning before I would be able to watch it due to the time difference and everything. For those of you who are not yet aware, I’m currently in Malaysia and I’ll remain in Malaysia for around 2 months where I’ll be working as an intern for a company. Therefore, during this time yesterday, I was stationed at my office desk during work and I was completely unable to watch the new trailer because it would be rather unprofessional to begin watching Spider-Man trailers  whilst stationed at the office desk.

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Bleach 686 Rant -END-

As you all know, I shouldn’t be doing this.

However, the whole manga/anime industry feels the need to throw this kind of crap in my face. You know what I’m talking about. You definitely know what I’m talking about. Bleach Chapter 686, also known as ‘the last chapter’. If you haven’t already read it, please leave right now because there will be no limits on how far I go today. I’m so emotionally damaged right now that my whole emotional switch-breaker has completely been rendered useless.

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Dead Pool – Movie Review [Secretly a Rant]

Hey there.

If you’ve read my Ed Sheeran concert post from last year on my other blog- Linn Tells A Story , you would know that I spent around 7-8 hours before the concert dealing with a whole bunch of eleven-year-old kids as they spent their first official day in High School. It was exhausting, despite all the crazy sugar-driven children being so damn adorable. However, my time and effort were recently rewarded with a free movie ticket. (Which I only just received last Wednesday.) Now, let me tell you about my relationship with the Cinemas. I don’t go very often. In fact, you could say that I never go. Don’t believe me? The last recorded trip that I made to the Cinemas was when Frozen came out. Yup, that’s right. Plus, that was with a free movie ticket as well. I’m not afraid to say it. I’m an excellent cheapskate.

So as you can tell, I went to movies, just two days ago in fact.

It was with a bunch of friends, all of them were guys. (because apparently Dead Pool’s a complete turn-off to women in general.) And I get it, my parents didn’t want me to go and watch it but they were completely okay with my brother going to see it. It’s just that whole sexist thing where women should not be allowed to watch slightly corrupted films. Okay. Well, my parents are currently out of town, so I went. Ain’t nobody gonna stop me from witnessing the great Dead Pool.

I’m just kidding, my parents were cool with it in the end. It’s just a movie after all.

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Time to get on with the review.

Let’s Go!


Dead Pool is apparently the most unique mutant ever. (I’m just trying to respect his wishes of not being called a SuperHero) But really, I don’t even know what the criteria for qualifying as a super hero is. To me, I think that a Super Hero is anyone who saves the day. So who cares if Dead Pool’s a tad bit overboard and kills all the villains in the most horrendous way possible? That’s cool. It’s completely fine by me. He’s definitely getting the job done. If you ask me, the only thing Marvel should be worrying about is how they’re going to keep producing villains for Dead Pool to kill, because obviously it’d be absolutely ridiculous if any of the villains came back from the dead. At least with all the other non-violent Superheroes, Marvel can just get away with saying that all their villains busted their butts out of jail.

Now let me  just lay down my understanding of Dead Pool.

I first met him in one of the X-men films. I think it was one of the later ones. You remember that fight scene were Dead Pool was being a gigantic pain in the butt by assuming all of the X-men’s mutant powers and refusing not to die even though he was fighting Wolverine? God I hated him. Which was really hard to too because I’m a pretty avid supporter of Ryan Reynolds.

Anyway, after watching that, I really can’t comprehend how it pairs up with this movie because wasn’t he a bad-guy in that last X-men movie?

So according to my understanding, Marvel completely stuffed up Dead-Pool’s character in the last X-Men movie and Ryan Reynolds only agreed to play that role if Marvel would let him starr in a Dead Pool movie so that he could portray Dead Pool correctly in his way. And so, there’s no point even trying to connect those two together.

I know that this was not really a review, more like a discussion/rant but I’m sick right now so I can get away with this kind of thing.

I’m going to be brutally honest from here on out.

Dead Pool was not the best Marvel movie. It wasn’t even in my top 3. It was okay in the sense that I wouldn’t pass it off as being ‘bad’ or anything, it just wasn’t as impressive. Especially, since my standards were set pretty high due to the whole hype that everyone was placing around it. I was expecting so much more than Ryan’s gross sex scenes and his constant swearing to cover that fact that he looked like some old guy’s butt after he’d just sat on a whole bunch of sauna rocks and his terrible prostitute of a girlfriend who played the annoying ‘I’m just a slut who only got the role because I agreed to get naked in front of the camera’ role completely spot on – just by the way (I know that she’s not but I’m going to just place her in that pile because sauntering around completely naked in front of a whole bunch of old geezers is just as vile- or even worse).

As you can see, I could critique this movie all day long.

Sure, this movie had some laughs but 98% of them were just sex jokes and it gets boring after a while. I mean if you’re not a pervert, or if you remotely have some sort of standard for quality films.

I did appreciate how honest this movie was in terms of pointing out its flaws, I’ll have to give it that.

But my god, is Colossus useless.

Are you kidding me?! You can’t even beat up some emo, plus-sized chick?! (By the way she really should stop consuming those matches, man wouldn’t it be great if she lit up on fire and you could just have Alicia Keys singing ‘Girl on Fire’ in the background.) I mean you’re frigging made of metal! And after that you have the nerve of coming in at the crucial moment to talk about how Dead Pool shouldn’t kill. Really? If he didn’t he’d be like you! And you’re one big-ass useless piece of shiny shit. Who even let this guy into the X-Men anyway? Why couldn’t they have just gotten Beast to step in?

Come on guys, step up your game.

Now, here’s just a thought. Maybe Ryan Reynolds wasn’t ever cut-out to be a super-hero. I mean have you seen Green Lantern? Look at how crap that movie was. First of all, Green Lantern’s supposed to be Black. And what do you do? You bring in a white guy. Come on. What are you guys trying to play at?

We’re lacking ethnically-diverse super heroes as it is.

Also, that whole ‘I’m going to toss my girl-friend into a glass coffin and then toss that off a big-ass bridge’, yeah, it ain’t never going to happen. How is she still alive from that fall? It’s glass! The pressure would’ve shattered it and she would’ve at least gotten some sort of whiplash as a result from the fall. Maybe Ryan Reynolds should just stick to the whole romantic-comedy side of Hollywood.

He’s not doing a great job of handling the script or the whole super-hero gig.

Let’s be honest and not try so terribly hard to kiss Marvel’s ass here.

And with that, Imma just say that I’m glad that movie didn’t cost me a single cent and I’m out!

Yeah, I gave my honest opinion on it. Ya’ll be like: ‘OH MY GOSH. SHE HATED ON DEAD POOL’ Damn straight I did.



Gilmore Girls- [RANT] – Rory is a Terrible Girlfriend.

This doesn’t happen often. It does happen sometimes but this is a first for this year.

That’s right. Let the ranting begin.

Mid-way this year, I began my journey with the Gilmore Girls. Of course, my urge to watch this series began during my mid-year examination period. However, I successfully abstained from acting on it until after my exams. Go me. I actually really liked Rory Gilmore before I had even began the series due to the study screen caps that were spreading around on Tumblr. It was so inspiring and I wanted to be just like her, work hard on my studies, be pretty and have a completely unrealistic mother.

Even throughout the whole first season of the series, I still liked her. I still wanted to be like her.

However, now that having reached the midpoint of the second season, everyone is completely unbearable and honestly, I feel that Rory takes the cake. She wins the prize money. The whole lot. She’s a terrible girlfriend.

Obviously that statement that I have just stated will be frowned upon and there are angry Gilmore Girl fans furiously scribbling my name at the very top of their ‘Hit List’ as we speak. Sure, she’s pretty and smart, that is undeniable, however my statement still remains.

Cue in exhibit one.

Let’s rewind and go back to the reason as to why Dean and Rory broke up in the first place.

It was their three month anniversary, Dean planned everything. It was a little over-the-top but it’s nice to have a guy that takes initiative. Especially a guy that you like, it was a little mature for his age- which is a waste of his youth if you ask me. Anyway, after that expensive meal at a fancy restaurant, Dean takes her to a junk yard where he unveils this pretty decent car that he had made from scratch, just for Rory. He then proceeds to proclaim his love for her. However, at his age, I highly doubt that he even knows what love is- but let’s just run along with it.

He very patiently waits for her reply. A simple ‘I love you’. But no. Not only does she falters and the silence is painfully annoying, she ends up reply to his ‘I love you’ with … ‘I love the car’. What does that tell you? Can someone holler out a ‘GOLD DIGGER’?

Dean ends up breaking up with her- that brings me back to the whole ‘he doesn’t even know what love is’ issue- but that’s not the point.

The next day, Rory goes to a party and somehow, she ends up sucking face with the blond-haired, disturbing playboy Triston. The very next day after the break-up. I don’t care if she was currently single at the given point in time. She did not have romantic feelings for Triston, Triston was emotionally unstable and it had only been twenty-four hours since she had left her previous relationship. She’s only sixteen! Why is she so loose? Yup, that’s the lady-like, elegant Rory for you, right there.

Just a few episodes after Rory and Dean become a couple again, Rory lets Jess into her room. That might not be a big deal but if the roles were switched around and Dean had let a person of the opposite gender saunter into his room. All hell would’ve broken loose and Dean would’ve been attacked by the general public. Don’t lie. It’s true.

Now how do you feel about that whole picnic basket episode?

Rory ends up siding with Jess just because Jess- due to his raging hormones- decides to blow ninety-five bucks on Rory’s picnic basket of rotting crap. Which, I should remind you, she had originally planned on shoving down her boyfriend’s throat, despite her boyfriend’s intention of paying good money on it. That’s perfect girlfriend material right there, you might want to snag her up before some other unlucky bastard does. And it’s not Dean’s fault that he couldn’t afford it. He went as far as bidding eighty dollars for it! And let’s not forget how much money Dean had blown on her already. – Linking back to how much of a gold-digger Rory is.

It’s ridiculous, it’s unfaithful and I don’t care how pretty or smart she is. I don’t care how innocent she appears, she’s flirtatious and it’s just wrong.

I don’t ever want to be like her.

Korra Book 4- [Balance] [Rant/Review/First Impression]

Hello guys.

This post was supposed to be out last week, when the first episode came out…but I got a tad bit too lazy and that is the reason as to why this is only being published now.
If you haven’t already noticed yet… Korra Book 4 is now out and therefore Season 4 is now being aired in the US.

Of course, as all of you are aware, I am a huge fan of the Legend of Korra series and for me this is heaven! This is bliss!
Although my first impression of this new series may not have been a very good one.


Okay, so this book is called Balance… and honestly the name, to me personally, does not make any sense. Because this book is anything BUT balance. In fact, I think they messed up the whole name order thing. Book three should have been named ‘Balance’ and Book 4 should have gotten the name ‘Change’.
So far, Book 4 has been nothing BUT change. Everything is changing! From half the characters’ hairstyles to the role reversals. It’s not the same anymore and I’m not just talking about Mako’s and Bolin’s hairstyle.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.18.11 PM                Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.17.32 PM

Let’s just take this back a little okay? So this series is now set three years after the end of Book 3. And to me, that’s already a pretty big jump. Three years! THREE!!!
How could they skip that far ahead into the future? That’s a really big jump!
Of course, this was my reaction after the first episode and before episode two was even released.

So far, in episode one, we can all gather that Asami’s business is booming, Mako’s career as a detective isn’t doing so good since he’s basically babysitting a spoilt prince, Bolin’s a do-good follower under Guvirea’s (Don’t care if I spelled her name wrong, probably did though..) evil command, by the way Guvirea (Again, evil people don’t need their named spelt right! >-<) is evil (She’s threatening all the good people in the Earth Kingdom to give her all their power in exchange for their safety) to be completely honest, I already called it at the end of Book 3,  Tenzin’s three kids are growing up so fast…they’re almost losing their cute touch and Korra’s  just a hot mess right now. Even though I really really love her new hair.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.24.35 PM

From all that information up there, you can also tell that it’s a lot to take in.
And honestly, it just left me bewildered.

Thought after episode 2 of this series was released, things kinda calmed down for me and now it’s kind of easier to accept all the changes. What I love about episode 2 was that it was all completely centered on just Korra. And I really needed that. After all, the first episode was about everyone EXCEPT Korra and Korra’s like the best bit. Besides from Bolin and all.

In Episode 2, they talk about how life was like for Korra in the last three years and how she’s been undergoing rehabilitation and all that good stuff since she’s been stuck in a wheel chair ever since that battle with Zahir.
Korra is also still quite traumatised after she almost lost her life as a result of that battle and  it’s resulting in her having very realistic hallucinations.

However, the best bit of that episode was the ending where she bumps into Toph.
This was just the cherry on top of a sundae for me. If you’re not already aware of it, I am a huge fan of Toph, she’s my favourite character of the whole Last Airbender series. And I can’t wait for episode 3 to come out now since Toph is now in the picture. Especially since I thought she had already died! Though I did still have some hope left within me in Book 3 after there was some talk that Toph just went into hiding.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.27.00 PM

Also I really can’t wait for Toph to work her magic because obviously Katara just can’t get the job done. Come on! I mean it’s been three years! And all Katara has done is just convinced Korra that those hallucinations are all in her head. Of course, Toph is going to save the day because Toph is the absolute best female character there ever was in this whole AVATAR series!

You know what would be even better than this? Having Toph and Zuko meet again, cause believe it or not I swear Zuko is the father of one of her daughters. Why do you think it’s been so hush-hush?

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next episode to come out and I hope that season 4 will be as great as ever!!

Share your thoughts on this series too and let’s see how this goes!

黒子のバスケ Kuroko No Basket Season 2 Episode 1. [Review/Rant/Spoiler.]

Hi. It’s Linn.

Hope you haven’t forgotten me.. I know it’s been a couple of weeks, but I’m back.

I’m back this time to do a rant/review on the new episode (that came out this week?), Episode 1 of the second season of Kuroko no Basket.

To be honest, I only just finished the first episode of the first season today. Sorry.

[I started watching the series when it first came out but kinda dropped it.. because I got distracted. However, when I heard that season 2 recently came out, I JUST HAD TO finish the rest of Season 1. Which was very suspenseful. (?)]

I think it was a good thing, that I dropped it for a while, because you know how you hate it after you finish a really good anime and you have nothing else to watch? Yeah, this time that didn’t happen to me because I just went straight on to the first episode of the second season.

However, I hate it again now because I have to wait for episode 2 to come out.

[So… Back on to the rant/review]

First, let’s talk about the the Opening. [If you wanna check that out, just click here.]

The graphics were once again.. just SUPERB and once again.. excellent song choice.

At the start of the opening as well, when Kuroko did that fist pump in front of the audience… How can you NOT feel like putting your hand up in the air as well? Or am I just overly excited..?

[I mean I just spent 3 hours watching the awesome battles between Aomine and Kise. I can’t help it.]

So episode one starts off practically, a few days (A couple of weeks at most) after the Inter High Competitions.

At the ‘oh-so popular’ fast food joint that they always go to, Seirin’s coach talks about how they should just rest the day after. The 3 first years (That almost never get seen on the court) suggest that they participate in a street basketball competition that is being held.

The coach says: ‘no’ but Teppei convinces her, since the first years (other than Kuroko and Kagami) are usually barely allowed to compete.

The next day, they attend the competition.

Hey hey. Have you ever wondered why Kagami always wore that ring around his neck?

Surprise surprise!

Himuro Tatsuya

The guy [Tatsuya] standing on the the court before Seirin is wearing the exact same ring around his neck!

[Now I always thought maybe it was a childhood lover that gave it to him?]

No! It’s this guy. *sigh*

After that, there’s this huge flashback to Kagami’s cute childhood days, in America. [And I die from laughter.]

Their English! It’s so bad! And it’s not just them! [Don’t believe me? Watch this.]

The other ‘american’ kids too! There was even this black kid that was struggling to pronounce their words!

[It’s not just this anime. I don’t get why they can’t hire genuine people who can actually speak English! I mean, it can’t be the budget cost, do you know how big this ‘Kuroko no Basket’ project is?!]

But yeah, Tatsuya was the one that taught and influenced Kagami to play Basketball.

And they make the issue with their rings… so very complicated. [When it’s not]

Goddamn it Tatsuya!

Wear the ring if you want to! Take it off if you don’t want to!

Don’t go putting pressure onto Kagami! It’s not his fault he was owning you at basketball! Just go practice more!

[Did I also mention that Atsushi (the purple haired guy) is from Yosei and also Tatsuya is part of Yosei as]

All in all, I look forward to the upcoming episodes and I can’t wait.

[Linn, Signing Out.]