Favourite MMV Of The Day #9 [Winter Special]

Hey guys!


Here’s an MMV, something different from all the AMVs~


I’m a huge fan of this manga so I thought that this would be fitting. Plus it sounds great.


Enjoy it while it lasts!



If you did enjoy it, check out more of this kinds of MVs at JanixCherie‘s Channel!


Favourite MMV Of The Week #2

Hey guys.

I know I haven’t really been posting solo MMVs, however I’m going to start doing that.
Hopefully, on a regular basis.

As I stated before, I’m in that phase again where I only want to watch Lovely Complex episodes, so I thought that it would only be natural to post a Lovely Complex MMV.

I was actually pretty surprised because I couldn’t find too many Lovely Complex MMVs.

There were some pretty good ones though.

This MMV was really nice and I found myself dancing along with it. [?]

It was a bit disappointing though, since it was one of those annoying MMVs that ends just when you’re enjoying it.

However, I hope that all of you enjoy it while it lasts.

Favourite AMV/MMV Of The Week #1

I’ll be starting this section where I’ll post one AMV or MMV that I really enjoyed this week.

[Of course, MMV being Manga Music Video, not Maple Music Video.]

This week, I chose this video because I’ve been so in love with Kodocha recently and, this was really well done. I thought that it held a very ‘powerful meaning’, if that makes sense in this situation.

I hope you guys enjoy this MMV as much as I did!