Favourite MMV Of The Day #10 [Winter Special]

Here’s an AMNESIA one for you guys!


I still need to watch Amnesia, it’s just one of those animes that I need to get off my list.


I really love this song by the way, Enjoy.


Favourite MMV Of The Week #2

Hey guys.

I know I haven’t really been posting solo MMVs, however I’m going to start doing that.
Hopefully, on a regular basis.

As I stated before, I’m in that phase again where I only want to watch Lovely Complex episodes, so I thought that it would only be natural to post a Lovely Complex MMV.

I was actually pretty surprised because I couldn’t find too many Lovely Complex MMVs.

There were some pretty good ones though.

This MMV was really nice and I found myself dancing along with it. [?]

It was a bit disappointing though, since it was one of those annoying MMVs that ends just when you’re enjoying it.

However, I hope that all of you enjoy it while it lasts.

Favourite AMV/MMV Of The Week #1

I’ll be starting this section where I’ll post one AMV or MMV that I really enjoyed this week.

[Of course, MMV being Manga Music Video, not Maple Music Video.]

This week, I chose this video because I’ve been so in love with Kodocha recently and, this was really well done. I thought that it held a very ‘powerful meaning’, if that makes sense in this situation.

I hope you guys enjoy this MMV as much as I did!