Favourite AMV Of The Day #8 [Winter Special]

I have another one for you guys!

The song is quite repetitive, I must agree.. and most of you guys might think that it’s quite annoying.

However, if you’re into getting excited for anything, from exercising to revving up for a huge study session, this is perfect.


Again once again, it’s fro MDS.

Work Hard, Play Hard, EVERYONE!!


Favourite AMV Of The Day #7 [Winter Special]

Salutations. (Sorry, I just thought that I would start of a bit fancy today since I’ve been using ‘hello’ in my previous ones.)


I have another awesome AMV for you guys today and trust me, this time it is truly awesome.

This is another video by MadDesiresStudio. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed that quite a number of my favourite AMVs are done by these amazing people.

This time, I have a video for you guys and this one is extra long. It goes on for over 8 minutes! So sit back, plug in your headphones and just have fun with this one.

Now, the sound track to this AMV is just a whole bunch of different songs all mashed up together and it is so well done. I loved every single bit of it! You’ll understand when you watch it and trust me, you’ll be able to dance to this thing, the entire way through.