A Sensual and Intimate Summer Romance: Call Me By Your Name

Indie films were never really my cup of tea, but Call Me By Your Name —directed by Luca Guadagnino — might serve as the catalyst that changes all of that. I’d desperately like to refrain from labelling this film, and inadvertently limiting it, by categorising it as ‘a great queer film’ because it’s truly more than that. Call Me By Your Name is a beautiful story of a wonderfully passionate and seductive summer friendship turned romance.


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La La Land – Film Review

I’m not one to pay attention to the Golden Globes however it was absolutely impossible to stay ignorant about the explosion that the film La La Land seemed to have caused towards the end of 2016. Even for someone, who has ‘A Rock’ sprawled as my home address, to hear of such ludicrousy just automatically categorized this movie as a ‘must-watch’. I have always had a soft spot for classic old school films and hearing Hollywood having a crack at producing a film utilizing such a style once again definitely intrigued me. Hence, I sat down with my family one afternoon and we watched it; I swear you could smell the enthusiasm in the air. We’re looking at a film that managed to nab all of the Golden Globes that they were nominated for!


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Legally Blonde [Movie Review]

Okay, before you hit me with your quick judgmental stare, let’s just take a step back.

Recently, I’ve been in a slump and I’ve also been reading online that the film : Legally Blonde is seen as a rather motivational, uplifting film as voted by popular opinion by the people online. Of course, like all the critical judgmental people out there, I scoffed and just ignored it. However, I found myself sitting in front of my laptop, watching this film this very afternoon and I found myself feeling quite motivated and I most certainly was enjoying every single bit of it.

Fine, there were a few moments where I just found myself cringing but other than that, everything was great.

This wasn’t my first time watching this film but considering that the last time I watched Legally Blonde I was six years old and it was in the year of 2004, I didn’t really get the whole point of it all. However, as a Politics and Law student in the year 2015, I found myself gaining the motivation and the confidence of being able to succeed in this course by putting in the hard work.

For those of you who have not yet witnessed this film:

This movie is centered around a girl named Elle Woods, the president of a sorority and a rich girl from Boston. On the night when her boyfriend was supposed to pop the big question, she ends up being dumped after getting labeled as non-serious girl that would be of no help to his career. Elle, being the crazy girl in-love, decides to transform into the girl of his dreams (in hopes of winning him back) by climbing her way into Harvard Law School. From there she proves everyone wrong; by not only being incredibly attractive looking but by also succeeding beyond compare and winning a law suit. WOW.

After revisiting this film, I thoroughly enjoyed it and even found myself watching Legally Blonde 2 because I enjoyed it so much. (But as always, it just couldn’t compare to the first one.)

I hope you try watching this film, it’s not terribly enlightening (I’ll give you that) but you just might enjoy it.