Favourite AMV [Haikyuu!! Edition ハイキュー!!] #1


I haven’t been able to post much lately, my study life has been harsh. However, I’m in serious need of a sports anime since Season 3 of Kuroko no Basket only airs at the start of next year.

Of course, I haven’t been able to find one that could fill the hole in my heart, so I had to settle for the next best thing. Haikyuu.

Haikyuu is definitely no match for Kuroko no Basket, however in some ways, I think that it is more realistic compared to KNB. So far, there hasn’t been any insane super power moves so for me, that’s a big plus.

Anyway, enough rambling! Enjoy this AMV. (Sorry that it’s so short..)






Favourite AMV Of The Day #8 [Winter Special]

I have another one for you guys!

The song is quite repetitive, I must agree.. and most of you guys might think that it’s quite annoying.

However, if you’re into getting excited for anything, from exercising to revving up for a huge study session, this is perfect.


Again once again, it’s fro MDS.

Work Hard, Play Hard, EVERYONE!!


Favourite AMV Of The Day #7 [Winter Special]

Salutations. (Sorry, I just thought that I would start of a bit fancy today since I’ve been using ‘hello’ in my previous ones.)


I have another awesome AMV for you guys today and trust me, this time it is truly awesome.

This is another video by MadDesiresStudio. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed that quite a number of my favourite AMVs are done by these amazing people.

This time, I have a video for you guys and this one is extra long. It goes on for over 8 minutes! So sit back, plug in your headphones and just have fun with this one.

Now, the sound track to this AMV is just a whole bunch of different songs all mashed up together and it is so well done. I loved every single bit of it! You’ll understand when you watch it and trust me, you’ll be able to dance to this thing, the entire way through.




Favourite AMV Of The Day #6 [Winter Special]

Once again, I have another AMV for you guys to enjoy with me!


This time, it won’t be an MEP, it’ll only feature the anime: Sword Art Online.


If you guys haven’t already witnessed the amazingness of this anime, you better get to it and watch it.

Now, less about the anime and more about the AMV. I just found it absolutely beautiful, the song and the transitions, as well as the lines from the anime running in the background. Oh I love it when they include the voices!

The only bad thing about this AMV is how short it is, I would have liked it to go on for the entire length of the song but this is still just as beautiful.




Favourite AMV Of The Day #3 [Winter Special]

Hello again.


This time I have a couple of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi AMV for you guys, since I’m currently in the midst of watching this series.

Yes, this is slightly different from the other ones since there will be multiple videos. However, this is because I couldn’t find one super awesome epic one featuring everyone so I decided to show three videos with all the three couples!


I hope you enjoy them!


Onodera & Masamune



Okay fine, two for the Onodera & Masamune pair, only because I like the second song and I think it actually fits into the plot of the anime. ^^



Yukina & Kisa



Chiaki & Tori




Knock yourselves out.


I don’t really have a favourite couple and I don’t really ship any of them. I do like Tori though because it’s Yuuichi, I really find it quite frustrating that he’s saying all these kinds of things to a guy before I even get to hear him say it. T_T




Favourite AMV Of The Day #2 [Winter Special]



How has your day been? Good? Stressful?


Fear not! I have a new AMV that I would like to recommend to you guys!

I really liked this one as well! The song choice is amazing, it just so happens that I love this song and I think that everyone can relate to this song, so there should be no excuse for you to not love this AMV. I’m just kidding, if it’s not to your taste then I’m sure I’ll be able to find one that would suit it!


Anyway, enjoy this one as well!



Anyway, fun fact, I’m sure that you’re already aware of it but one of the animes featured in this AMV is called: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

If you don’t already know, I’m not the biggest fan of YAOI related things, in fact I’m not even a fan at all. Shoot me if you want. So I’ve been aware of this anime but much like how I treated Junjou Romantica, I simply ignored it.


However, I decided to start watching it today and it’s pretty damn good.

Aside from all the YAOI factors, the storyline is good, the characters are good and it really appeals to me since I have a love for writing and editing.

Now about the YAOI bits, it really doesn’t bother me because my brain does this thing where it picks the most feminine guy out of the two and just changes him into a female character and hey presto! Bob’s your uncle! Everything is fixed.


Now before I get all these hate messages, I am not a homophobe, as long as gay people don’t magically materialise in front of me and start displaying their explicit affection, I am all good. However, I don’t think I’d even appreciate it if straight people did that kind of things in front of me. So anyway, bottom-line I’m not a homophobe.


Also, I’ll most likely write a review about this anime because right now, I find it pretty damn awesome.



Favourite AMV Of The Day #1 [Winter Break Special]



I know, I’ve been completely neglecting this section of my blog. I’m extremely sorry.

However, I’ve come up with a way to make it up to you guys!

Since I’m now currently on my winter break, I’ll be uploading AMVs that I absolutely LOVE every single day for the next two weeks! I have decided to name it my ‘Winter Break Special’!

Please look forward to all the amazing AMVs that you should also love too!

Here’s the first one for DAY 1~


I absolutely love the intro, plus the amazing ‘cut-a-ways’. The song is also amazing too, I found myself dancing along with it and smashing that replay button, so I hope you go through the same thing when you watch it!